Leakage control - ISO 15848-1

Leakage control – ISO 15848-1

How can we be confident that our products prevent leaks into the environment?

Our full range of bellows seal globe valves of class 300 and lower pressure designations are qualified to tightness class AH and endurance class CO3 over the operating temperature range of -46 °C to 200 °C. This follows type testing in accordance with EN ISO 15848-1. The assembly units were tested 4,990 cycles and surpassed the fugitive emissions tests by TUV Sud. This further demonstrates our committment to manufacturing high quality products giving superior performance for the benefit of our customers.

6,000 Bellows Seal Globe Hazardous Chemical Valves Produced

6,000 Bellows Seal Globe Hazardous Chemical Valves Produced

In March this year we surpassed our 6,000th unit of bellows sealed globe valves produced by our team in Dafeng. This unit was a DN250 class 300 8851 actuated bellows seal isolation valve for chlorine service. Our team produce World Class products to the highest industry standards as verified by the recent TUV Sud audit which was part of our latest Euro chlor approval and certification for our products.

Control Valves Approved by Euro chlor

Control Valves Approved by Euro chlor

Series 5801- Bellows Seal Globe Control Valves are approved and certified to Euro chlor GEST 17/492. These purposely designed chlorine control valves have been used on many chlorine service applications around the world and it will be no surprise to learn that following an in depth audit of our control valve designs, supply chain, manufacturing processes and field test reports from various end users, that our range of bellows seal globe control valves have passed the required Euro chlor criteria and is now confirmed in our Approval Certificate No 22/06 dated March 2022.

Further information about the 5801 Series bellows seal globe control valves can be found in our March 2022 Product Range Brochure which can be downloaded from our Connexions/Downloads page.


stop the gas leaks

Stop the chemical leaks to atmosphere with the best possible prevention….

Environmental Protection

Protecting people and the environment has been a fundamental principle of the equipment standards developed by Euro Chlor. From the many reports written on the subject of emissions prevention from industrial valves, it is now accepted that Bellows Seal designs afford the best possible prevention of leakage to the atmosphere and the protection of plant operators. Our Bellows Seal valves have proven to be the very best in this category and manufactured to the most stringent manufacturing processes to ensure casting integrity and leak tightness. When you are processing dangerous chemicals and if you want to ensure the best possible safety for your plant operators and no leakage to the atmosphere, you will not find a better manufactured valve than those made by Hunt & Mitton. Bellows seal valves are acknowledged as the primary valve design against the battle of stopping leakage to the environment. Leakage of dangerous chemicals has the potential to cause great harm to plant operators and the environment. By using this type of valve on your equipment, it will significantly improve your operator safety and emissions control. That’s a small price to pay for such a global reward.

valve casting integrity

No other Eurochlor Approved Manufacturer achieves this level of …….

Does your existing supplier rely on statistical chance for their casting quality? Typically 90% of their castings are not checked for  defects.  Hunt & Mitton gives you a 100% guarantee on their casting quality. For liquid chlorine and other equally hazardous applications, 100% of the volume of every casting is radiographed so that we can be certain every casting meets the Euro Chlor specified ASTM E446 Level 2 acceptance criteria.  Another reason why our valves give world class performance.

HMV do not take chances in hazardous chemical applications.

Hunt and Mitton:

Hunt & Mitton has a long history of producing valves for hazardous chemicals dating back to the 1950s. We believe that better design, material choices and attention to detail in manufacture, equates to a lower cost of ownership for our customers.
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