Hunt & Mitton Valve Company Manufacturing

Our factory was first audited and approved by Euro Chlor in 2016 and again in 2022, including:
Product Design
Manufacturing Processes
Supply Chain Companies

Our factory is certified to ISO 9001 (2015) by Lloyds Register
Our factory is certified to European PED 2014/68/EU by Lloyds Register and the new UK Pressure Equipment Regulations.
Our Manual and actuated valves are certified SIL3 capable.

Our Bellows assemblies have passed the fugitive emissions tests to ISO15848-1.

Quality Checked and Certified Raw Material Stocks

Quality is everything to us.

Attention to detail ensures high quality products every time

chemical valve safety certificates

Continuous improvement and 5S practices as standard

Dye Penetrant Inspection of Bellows Assembly Units

Helium Testing

Under water Shell Testing

Seat Leakage test to Gest 17/492 Gives tight shut off

Hunt and Mitton:

Hunt & Mitton has a long history of producing valves for hazardous chemicals dating back to the 1950s. We believe that better design, material choices and attention to detail in manufacture, equates to a lower cost of ownership for our customers.
H & M Valve Company Ltd.
Cheadle Place Business Centre
United Kingdom

Registered in England and Wales
No: 10746148
VAT Reg: GB 270 8030 25