No other Eurochlor Approved Manufacturer achieves this level of …….

Does your existing supplier rely on statistical chance for their casting quality? Typically 90% of their castings are not checked for  defects.  Hunt & Mitton gives you a 100% guarantee on their casting quality. For liquid chlorine and other equally hazardous applications, 100% of the volume of every casting is radiographed so that we can be certain every casting meets the Euro Chlor specified ASTM E446 Level 2 acceptance criteria.  Another reason why our valves give world class performance.

HMV do not take chances in hazardous chemical applications.

Hunt and Mitton:

Hunt & Mitton has a long history of producing valves for hazardous chemicals dating back to the 1950s. We believe that better design, material choices and attention to detail in manufacture, equates to a lower cost of ownership for our customers.
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