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Celebrating the 6,000th Valve

We have surpassed 6,000 units of bellows seal globe valves for hazardous chemical applications .........................................

Great to See Our Distributors with 8 Countries Represented from Around the World.

At our new manufacturing facility in Nanyang China we held our first international distributors conference in August 2023

Manufacturing Plant Upgrade

Hunt & Mitton relocates factory and delivers upgrades in every department of the company. We have retained our highly skilled staff and moved to new premises enabling process improvements with additional equipment, space and improvements in efficiency from a new layout enabling better use of 5S methods.

Stop the Chemical Leaks! Protecting the Environment

Protecting people and the environment has been a fundamental principle of the equipment standards developed by Euro chlor. From the many reports written on the subject of emissions prevention ......

Good for the End User and Good for the Environment

Proven Sustainable Performance & Durability After 6 years of Chlorine Gas Severe Service.

Good for the End User and Good for the Environment

Proven Sustainable Performance & Durability After 6 years of Chlorine Gas Severe Service.

NEW - Euro chlor Approval for Bellows Seal Globe Control Valves.

Following an extensive audit by TUV Sud, Hunt & Mitton have been awarded the prestigious Eur chlor approval for our range of bellows seal globe control valves for chlorine service.

Leaks not allowed

How do we know that our products prevent leakage to the environment? ...........................................

The Cost of Just 1 hour lost ...

One of the most common problems faced by plant operators in the hazardous chemical sector is isolating valves that don't shut off when required.

No other Eurochlor Approved Manufacturer in the World achieves this level of...

Does your existing supplier rely on statistical chance for their casting integrity?

Hunt & Mitton have come a long way ...

We have come a long way since developing the original
Hunt and Mitton hazardous chemical valves in the
1950s with ICI. We have improved our designs with ...

'Who want's this...'

'when you can have this...'

When you design and manufacture products that last and can be maintained to enable additional years of service, then it makes sense to ensure that the correct bolting can removed without damaging the valve body flanges.


Hunt and Mitton:

Hunt & Mitton has a long history of producing valves for hazardous chemicals dating back to the 1950s. We believe that better design, material choices and attention to detail in manufacture, equates to a lower cost of ownership for our customers.
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